Useful Online Sites and Apps for Your Kids

Children become eloquent in their studies with guidance, practice, practice. As a teacher and educational technology integrator, I used these free and engaging reading games to keep them focused and motivated. They are one of the best ways to put the difficult work of exploratory learning into play. You can open to know more free reading sites.

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Useful Sites and Apps to Practice Vocabularies

kid reading free sites These excellent sites for preschool and elementary school children are supported by a huge amount of research on how children learn to read and become fluent readers. Some sites require the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, but you can download it for free. PBS LearningMedia offers great educational content for children, and the Between the Lions video programs are among the best. You’ll find popular stories and fairy tales you’ve read, videos of intelligent songs with lyrical sounds, and many other humorous stories and catchy melodies to keep kids interested. These learning tools and the courses they teach are unforgettable. My teenage daughter has some great memories of Between the Lions that I had to rip from this website to finish this review. Yes, all videos are free, and there are no ads on the site.

Starfall (a nonprofit organization that provides low-cost, absolutely free learning aids for children) has created an attractive pair of games and activities ranging from the alphabet to fairy tales. The stories and poems can be read by the storyteller or the child, with or without help. Your child could read the text on the screen and click on a word that needs help. The Starfall Website is free to use and obtain, and will not contain any advertising. However, you may come across some activities that are grey and cannot be opened. To find these places, you will need a paid subscription. There is a wide range of resources that you can use completely free.

Useful Sites and Apps to Practice Reading

kid learning Third StoryPiazza, the website is available in English and Spanish. These animated reading stories involve children with songs and rhymes. You will also find references to related library books that you can read with your child. Yes, the site is completely free and contains no advertising. Some of the stories use animations taken from clippings from storybooks. For each publication, there are suggestions and corresponding actions for the lesson plan. Skills covered historical literacy, new awareness, and reading comprehension. My children also love it when actors read the stories because they are so expressive. I have heard many children imitate the tone and voice of the subscribers when they read the novels.The website and movies are completely free, and the movies can be seen through a reader without advertising. 5 Interactions between ReadWriteThink students, build a word: children select a word that ends and then add the initial letters and letter combinations to create a word bank.

Picture matching: students match an image to an initial letter or short or long vowel sounds. Puzzle phrases: children combine letters to form words that describe images on the screen (for example, they can create the word “web” to write a web). Yes, the use of this website is completely free and will not contain any advertising. Whenever your child completes a game, some offer immediate rewards, such as movie clips or more interesting games. This motivates children to keep playing and learning.

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