About Us

Frequently-Asked Questions

What Is Frisco Festival?

Frisco Festival is an online site aiming to present the latest updates about technology, its advancements, developments, and applications. As we all know that technology is a broad term that describes things that humans cannot live without, we intend to reach that broad field by presenting relevant topics only.

What Is Your Mission?

It is our main goal to stay transparent and updated about what we cover. We present relevant content only by dividing the site into several big sections, each of which occupies certain domains. These sections include modern technology, trends, and applications. Especially for the last, we also present other topics where technology plays an essential role.

Who Are the Readers?

Our readers come from different countries and backgrounds, implying the need for broad yet specific topics. They do have one thing in common, which is the passion for new knowledge and technology.

Dean Stephenson